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Bringing together public service leaders, Public Service Data Live explored how public servants from all relevant disciplines and roles can improve how data is used across government.

19 September 2024

All times provided are local (London, BST)

08:30 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:05


09:05 – 09:20

Keynote address – Using data to fire up government innovation

09:20 – 09:35

Keynote address

09:45 – 10:30

Using data to help make world-class government services

The UK government has set the target that by 2025, at least 50 of the government’s top 75 services will provide a ‘great’ service against a number of performance measures.

This session will look at the progress government is making in improving services – and how data is helping. It will share useable insights from the government’s leading services on how techniques such as user-centred design can be used to improve services.

10:30 – 11:00

Refreshment break

11:00 – 11:45

How data and AI can boost public sector productivity

At a time when public finances are under pressure, the government must make the best use of technology to deliver public services more effectively and the Treasury’s Productivity Programme is focused on how these investments can be made across public services.

This session will look at how government can use data to drive productivity improvements. The session will hear from public servants on how they have used data to improve public service delivery, as well as how public services can monitor the impact of investment in early intervention projects that can prevent problems arising. Civil service leaders and experts will also discuss how artificial intelligence tools can be deployed to automate routine tasks and provide an assistant to undertake administrative tasks and write up appointment and meeting notes and actions, freeing up officials’ times to work on more difficult cases.


11:55 – 12:40

Improving how government uses data to make better decisions 

Unlocking insight from data is one of the key ways that government can get the information it needs to power better public services. This session will look at how government – and the wider public sector – can create and implement systems, policies and cultures where data can be shared across organisational boundaries – and how this can be used to create more integrated, personalized services. 

This session will share insight on how government is progressing in meeting targets to improve data sharing across the public sector, and sharing examples of the improved services that can be unlocked if this is achieved.  


Puja Myles
Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), Safety and Surveillance Group, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

12:40 – 13:40

Lunch break

13:40 – 14:00

Fireside chat – Data and beyond: making innovation happen in government 

14:00 – 14:10

Keynote address

14:15 – 15:00

Deploying AI in government: how to make it happen?

The development of artificial intelligence is one of the key issues facing government around the world. Governments need to develop at pace guidelines for public servants on how they can use AI – and to make the most of it, they need to consider reviewing and rewiring processes.

This session will hear civil servants who are leading the deployment of artificial intelligence in government. It will look at the use cases where AI is being deployed, how it has been developed, and the lessons from its use that other departments and agencies can learn from.


Phil Rumens
Digital Services Manager, West Berkshire Council

Daljit Rehal
Chief Digital and Information Officer HM Revenue and Customs

Laura Gilbert
Chief Analyst, Director of Data Science, 10 Downing Street, United Kingdom

15:00 – 15:20

Refreshment break

15:20 – 16:05

The practical steps departments can take make their data easier to use

Departments collect large amounts of data, but often the information is not accessible to policymakers when they need it.

This session will look at the practical steps that government departments can take to store their data in a way that makes it easier for civil servants across the organisation to use.

It will look at how to improve data architecture in departments to support collaboration, and discuss the opportunity – and constraints – around better data storage, sharing and integration across government. It will also discuss how government organisations can make data easy to access, manage, analyse and deploy to meet data interoperability needs across departments.

16:15 – 17:00

Getting government data ready for AI

Artificial intelligence systems can only run on the data that is available – and public AI systems currently runs on data that is a year out of date.

However, as these systems develop, they will likely use more up-to-date information. This will put a premium on making sure that the information publicly available on government websites is kept up to date for public systems, and on making sure the data that government itself uses in AI models is current.

This session will look at how government can make sure that the data it collects and uses to deliver public services can be stored and accessed in a way that will mean it can be used in AI systems.

17:00 – 17:10

Summary and thanks

17:10 – 18:30

Networking reception

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